WhatsApp will allow you to turn off autosave photos

WhatsApp will allow you to turn off autosave photos

The developers of the WhatsApp messenger are working on a new media Visibility feature that will allow users to make their own decisions about the automatic saving of media files.

Over the years of using

the WhatsApp messenger, most likely each user has encountered the inconvenience when the photos and videos received in chats completely “eat up” the smartphone’s memory. Someone uses additional specialized applications to clear the phone’s memory, someone periodically manually releases their device from unnecessary accumulated photos and videos. But very soon, all WhatsApp lovers will get rid of this problem forever.

As it became known in the next version of WhatsApp, it will be possible to disable the function of automatically saving received images to the device’s memory.

Users will be able to choose in which chats the received media files should not be added to the smartphone gallery. The new media Visibility feature can be applied to both group chats and conversations with an individual contact.

You can find a new setting for media Visibility in the chat or group menu starting from version 2.18.194 of the messenger.

We also note that users of the WhatsApp messenger will soon be able to reply to messages with special stickers, like in the Facebook messenger. Wait for a new icon with stickers on the keyboard, next to the key for sending from animated GIFs.