WhatsApp refuses to encrypt correspondence

WhatsApp refuses to encrypt correspondence

Facebook has announced that it plans to remove end-to-end encryption of messages in the WhatsApp messenger. The company was forced to take such a step due to the demands of the American special services.

Facebook is an American company, so it has to interact with the US authorities. Due to the increasing incidence of terrorism and other crimes, law enforcement agencies increasingly come to the conclusion that attackers communicate through popular instant messengers, including WhatsApp.

As noted, already in 2019, one and a half billion users of the messenger will be under the scrutiny of law enforcement agencies, which will be able to freely obtain information about the persons of interest.

We will remind that earlier the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, stated that such an approach would help the United States, Europe and other countries of the world to ensure the safety of their citizens, because law enforcement officers will be able to quickly identify violators of the law and prevent terrorist attacks.

It is becoming more and more dangerous to exchange secret information on the Internet. As you can see, even the most secure channels can turn out to be open over time. And the only good thing is that the company is making such an important step without hiding it from its users.