How to return to the group in Telegram, from which you left some time ago?

How to return to the group in Telegram, from which you left some time ago?

How to return to a Telegram group with eset internet security key that you left and deleted from the chat list? There are several ways – believe me, in most cases you can again become a participant in a dialogue that is really interesting to you!

What do we have to do

We answer the question of how to return to the group in the Telegram, from which you left and deleted! This is very easy, especially if the chat is public and not hidden from general search results.

In public chats

You just need to remember the name of the community in which you were a member. Now open the messenger:

Find the search bar on the top bar;
Enter a search word and press the enter button.

It is advisable to enter the exact name, but sometimes there are enough keywords that indicate the topic of the group chat. Remembering the special name (starting with the @ symbol) makes it even easier! Enter the identifier and get a 100% result.

And here’s how to return to the group in the Telegram – just click on the “Join” / “Subscribe” button to re-enter the number of chat participants. Elementary.

In private conversations

The situation is a little more complicated with private conversations. By the way, we talked earlier about privacy telegrams. If the dialog is private, it does not appear in search results. That is, using the method given above is useless. You won’t be able to see anything anyway!

First, you can try to find the old invite link you used to join the chat earlier. Perhaps it is still valid – some send invites without time limits.

If the link no longer works, contact the conversation admin directly, who will be able to send you a new invitation! You can contact him in any convenient way.

Ryazan, Russia – March 21, 2018 – Telegram messenger mobile app on the display of tablet PC

How to return a group in Telegram after receiving an invitation? Just follow the link to automatically join the conversation!

Return to a previously used channel

Now let’s talk a little about what to do if you don’t remember the name of the community, but really want to find it. The messenger has a special option that allows you to see which dialogs you were previously in. To do this, you have to use a desktop application (not the web version).

Click on the three stripes in the upper left;
Go to settings;
Open the subsection “Advanced settings”;
Find the “Export Data” block.
Now you need to choose what information will be saved as a file. You can download the profile in all its details, but now we want to save time (the data will be downloaded). Therefore, uncheck all sections except “Private …” and “Public groups”.
Choose the path of saving (it is desirable to mark “Readable HTML”);
Click on the “Export” button and wait a bit.